How A Routine Visit To The Dental Clinic Turned To Devastation For Food Allergy Families

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

Last year several New Zealand families, whose children with a cow’s milk allergy, experienced allergic reactions following treatment at dental care facilities. One of the children had a life threatening anaphylactic reaction as a result. The children had been given dental treatment using Casein Phospho Peptide (CPP) which is derived from cow’s milk.

Cow’s milk protein containing products are being used more and more in dental healthcare including in toothpastes, varnishes and cleaners with some products being able to be purchased over the counter such as Tooth Mous.

Thanks to the hard work of Allergy New Zealand, important recommendations made to the Ministry of Health and the Dental Council of New Zealand have recently been adopted by DHB’s. The aim is to increase practitioner awareness around the dangers of using these products in people with allergies. Questions regarding allergies must now be asked routinely as part of the patient’s medical history and again prior to each procedure. It is important that you inform any health practitioner of allergies that you or your children may have so they are able to provide the most suitable treatment for you.

Allergy New Zealand is a not for profit organisation and works tirelessly to advocate for people with allergies. Its great to see they have once again hit a home run.

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