Fun Allergy Friendly Advent Calendar Ideas

With Christmas fast approaching, advent calendars are popping up in shops all around. Depending on your child's allergies, many of these may not be suitable, however there are some allergy friendly options available.

If the thought of your child having a piece of chocolate every day for 30 days sends your head into a spin, try doing fun family based activities together based on the 12 days of Christmas instead. Write 12 different activities onto separate pieces of paper and then put them into a jar and let your child pick out an option to do each day. Some ideas we have done in the past include:

- a fun Xmas joke

- making a Xmas picture using stickers and glitter

- trip to the playground

- seeing the Xmas lights

- playing a board game together

- watching a movie

- baking Xmas biscuits

- making Xmas cards together

- colouring Xmas pictures together

- have a dance party with all your child's favourite Xmas songs

- stay up a little past bedtime

- reading a Xmas story

These ideas will create longer lasting happy memories for your child than a piece of chocolate. It is this spending of quality time together that is what Xmas is all about.

If you prefer to go with the traditional advent calendar, there are few dairy free options on the market and the best we have found is the Moo Free Organic Dairy Free Christmas Advent Calendar. It can be found at The Warehouse and The Cruelty Free Shop online ( This advent calendar is dairy free, lactose free, gluten free, wheat free, casein free, soya free, vegetarian and vegan.

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