About The Allergy Well Food Finder

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

The Allergy Well Food Finder has been compiled based on the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code 1.2.3-4. Food items have been classified based on whether they contain one or more of the major allergens as follows:


(a)      added sulphites in concentrations of 10 mg/kg or more;

(b)      any of the following foods, or products of those foods:

                  (i)       cereals containing *gluten, namely, wheat, rye, barley, oats and spelt and their hybridised strains other than:

                                   (A)     where these substances are present in beer and spirits; or

                                   (B)     glucose syrups that are made from wheat starch (such as dextrose, maltodextrose) and that:         

                                                    (a)      have been subject to a refining process that has removed gluten protein content to the lowest level that is reasonably achievable; and

                                                     (b)      have a gluten protein content that does not exceed 20 mg/kg; or

                                    (C)     alcohol distilled from wheat;

                    (ii)      crustacea;

                    (iii)     egg;

                    (iv)     fish, except for isinglass derived from swim bladders and used as a clarifying agent in beer or wine;

                     (v)      milk, other than alcohol distilled from whey;

                     (vi)     peanuts;

                     (vii)    soybeans other than:

                                    (A)     soybean oil that has been degummed, neutralised, bleached and deodorised; or

                                    (B)     soybean derivatives that are a tocopherol or a phytosterol;

                      (viii)    sesame seeds;

(ix)     tree nuts, other than coconut from the fruit of the palm Cocos nucifera;

                        (x)      lupin is not currently included in the Allergy Well Food Finder however plans are for it to be added in the future.



For subsection (1), the food or substance may be present as:

(a)      an ingredient or as an ingredient of a *compound ingredient; or

(b)      a substance *used as a food additive, or an ingredient or component of such a substance; or

(c)      a substance or food *used as a processing aid, or an ingredient or component of such a substance or food.

Why we don't include 'may contain traces of' statements?

Currently there is no legislation around the use of these terms. Food manufacturers can voluntarily use these cautionary statements to identify a real risk or just for legal protection. A product that does not contain a cautionary statement is no safer to eat than one that does. It is for these reasons we have not included such statements in our Food Finder. Please follow advice from your health professional around avoiding foods containing cautionary statements.

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