About Allergy Well

 Our Mission 

At Allergy Well we aim to make living with food allergies and intolerances easy.


We combine expert knowledge, a passion for food and first-hand experience in food allergies to provide a unique range of services. We believe fresh is best when selecting food but understand that packaged foods are a reality of today.


Our Story

The Director of Allergy Well personally knows what it is like to cope with food allergies. She understands that shopping, cooking and eating out requires a lot more forethought.


“The day my daughter had a life threatening allergic reaction to an everyday food is a day that I will never forget. Any parent who has experienced this will know. I remember coming home from the hospital, looking in the kitchen cupboards and bursting into tears with the realisation that most of the foods in the house were not safe for her to eat. Even with all my nutrition knowledge, I felt lost.”

Over the months that followed, she spent hours at the supermarket poring over food packages, trying to find foods that her daughter could safely eat. She would be thwarted by a toddler who suddenly refused to eat the foods she had liked yesterday and the search started all over again.

Once her second child was diagnosed with multiple food allergies, differing to those of her first child, she thought, ‘there must be an easier way’ - and from here Allergy Well was born.


How We Can Help You


Our                            contains over 6,000 foods from the major supermarkets in New Zealand so is designed specifically for kiwis living with food allergies and intolerances. We search for the major food allergens effecting New Zealanders and regularly check our products and add new ones.  Our foods are classified by allergens according to the Food Standards Code.                                                       

Our information is based on facts not fiction and has been compiled by a New Zealand trained and Registered Dietitian with first hand experience in food allergies.

It is through expert knowledge, a passion for food and a strong desire to help others that Allergy Well was created.

We provide Dietitain Consultations via secure video calling or telephone


Food Allergies & Intolerance

Coeliac Disease

Elimination diets

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Healthy Eating  & Meal Planning

Weight Management

Blood Pressure Control

High Cholesterol Management

Diabetes Management

Healthy Eating During Pregnancy &  Breastfeeding

Kidney Disease, Kidney Stones & Gout

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